My Favorite Band Is Cooler Than Yours

** Updated 2005-04-27 ** This so thoroughly proves my point: Music Blog

Started catching up on my NetNewsWire subscriptions today (only 5300 posts to go!) and came across something in Signal vs Noise that Chris had mentioned to me a couple nights ago, now that I have the full quote I feel ready to make a harsh comment on it 😉

“I feel like there has been created, in the past two to three years, an indie-yuppie establishment. Bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Iron and Wine, the Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, they are great bands, really great bands, with great albums, great songs, high quality. And to me, it’s just so fucking boring,” he says. “It’s like fancy-coffee-drinking, Volvo-riding music for kids. And kids should be listening to music that shakes them up more, makes them uncomfortable. … I don’t think we’re ever going to sign an indie rock band. … I want to sign stuff that is more immediate and shakes you up a bit.” — Adam Shore, General Manager of Vice Records

What a near-sighted remark. This guy just named bands that have, in most cases, have been around for a decent chunk of time where they were the new immediate stuff that shook you up. Look at Modest Mouse, they’ve done the same thing, you can’t turn on a radio without hearing them now, but before they were just as forceful and immediate to an entire crowd of people who were far more immediate than Mr. Shore seems to think he is.

People got tired of the stuff that had been popular, DJs found new material from the things that were popular to the indie kids and behold, that music became popular for the mainstream crowd as well. The same kids who liked Death Cab for Cutie before Adam Shore ever heard of their existence currently like a whole slew of other bands that Adam Shore won’t hear about until they hit his radar in a few years.

Furthermore, there is nothing “indie-yuppie” about those bands, the bands have just become popular in the standard yuppie crowd. Nirvana was just as popular to the same crowd some years ago. The yuppie crowd likes anything that the people who are cooler than them supply them with, once they become comfortable with the music they will name drop the bands continuously to flex their street cred, it is the normal evolution.

Vice Records has good bands with good music on its label, every yuppie will be talking about Bloc Party by next month (actually, most of them already are) and the cycle will continue anew. It’s all music elitism anyway, just enjoy the feelings while somebody can still make them in you.

I’d also like to take this music-related moment to add that all your next favorite bands are going to sound like indie rock with an infusion of hip hop’s beats and values. And if you want something that makes you feel uncomfortable, get We Are From Nowhere by Dance Disaster Movement, or better yet see them live and go check out Kill Me Tomorrow at Bottom of the Hill with me on May 11th. Gee, that’s funny, all the albums that people who bought the Dance Disaster Movement album are buying have The Arcade Fire paired with them…

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