Midnight Mornings

These are the voyages of Andy having just woken up at midnight after falling asleep at 4:30pm, his continuing mission to out-rant and re-do everybody else who wakes up in the middle of the night.

Andy is hungry tonight, like every night. Andy has a fast metabolism. Yes, faster than yours. Andy is a six meal a day person. Andy contemplates wandering around to find some food at 3am. Andy doesn’t know what is open,

Andy is also interested in seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory due to a blog post by some crazy Vancouverians. Andy doesn’t know this person, nor their taste in delicious cinema, but he doesn’t need many excuses to go see this movie. Andy would like to invite somebody or a few somebodies to come along with him and help schedule a day for this adventure to take place.

And, most importantly of all, Andy wants Software Update to GO FASTER. Andy heard that his Nokia 6680 is supported in the new iSync release.

Update! Andy’s phone is supported, Andy thanks Apple for fixing this and Andy has a stupidly large number of contacts on his phone. Syncing is a many splendored thing. Andy’s contacts are once again accompanied by their user icons, Andy’s calendar is now powered by upcoming.org. Love, is in the air.

Oh happy day, It is time for Andy to sort his Address Book once more. Never seen the sun, shining so bright…

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