Met some bloggers, it was good.

I’ve decided it is a bit overwhelming for my ability to not talk when I am in a room full of like-minded people talking about things that interest me. It’s been a while since that happened, I don’t think I was prepared. More colors. Yeah baby, yeah.

Holy crap! It does pictures, too!

*edit* I seem to be mistaken about this color thing, perhaps I have discovered a bug.

7 thoughts on “Met some bloggers, it was good.

  1. Hey Andy, it was nice to meet you.

    I put up a picture and some mp3s for your benefit on my blog, so please check them out or I will feel really sad.

    And one more thing… You quote Richard Tang somewhere in this site in reference to your new job. I’m wondering if you’re working with my old friend from childhood, as I know he just got a job with a new company in Gastown too…

  2. Yup, I read your blog, listened to your music, and now I am off work so I’m going to leave a comment.

    Richard Tang, well he used to live in Whistler, I think, and now lives in Richmond. I’ll find a picture

  3. Oh wow, it is the Richard I know! You must say hello for me next time you talk to him.

    We were best friends in grade 7, competing with each other for marks. I haven’t seen him in person since high school graduation, but we’ve spoken on the phone and online a few times since.

    Small world!

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