Mein Projekte

The Wiki page I have set up for MyProjects has been growing pretty steadily. There is qutie obviously more there than I expect to be able to handle alone in any sort of timely manner, but it is there so that I always have ideas to work with when I am in that coding mood.

Anyway, today I added some semi-detailed information for a couple ideas that I had floating around in my head that I wanted to get more down for. Without further ado, or any more introduction, Mein Projekte: * PyRack: This is the older of the two that I added today. It is meant to be a bit of a universal list server, incorporating many ideas from some successful (and useful) projects that I have seen. Ideally a graphical client would eventually be ported to Gnome, KDE, Cocoa, and Windows so that entry would be quick and painless enough for me to actually want to use it. * PointDrop: The name is just some random words, but it is a bit of a wiki for coders. It scratches a bunch of itches I’ve had concerning the whole wiki thing, and then goes a little further.

Both of these are pretty large-scale as far as my dream envisions them, but I wanted to let people know about it so that I could get some constructive input. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions at the bottom of either of the wiki pages.

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