Looking For A Place In The Bay Area

Due to some unusual circumstances (more on those later) I have to move back to California rather suddenly, so I thought I should get a quick blog post up to help get the ball rolling on finding a cool place to live for a few months.

I am looking for a room in the San Jose – San Francisco Bay Area, someplace with a bed and a desk. High-speed internet is a must. I’d hope to be with other techie-type people. I’ll have no furniture and for the moment I don’t expect to be staying long enough to warrant buying any, so shared accommodations would be really helpful.

If you know anybody who knows anybody who might be able to provide me with such a room to rent, drop me a line, contact info.

One thought on “Looking For A Place In The Bay Area

  1. Andy,

    Check out this new site called “Craig’s List” it lists apartments and the what not. It’s pretty cool.

    Just kidding of course.


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