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I was reading Stephanie‘s (and I would like to note it does not require the ‘www.’ that so many places archaically cling to, kudos) post on “Keeping the Flat Clean: Living Space as User Interface” and it got me to thinking about my own habits and theories on living space.

A beautiful environment is good for creativity, in my opinion, and I try to apply that to my living space. I find a great amount of beauty in crisp, simple structure and organization, causing me to look at my living space the way I look at my computer, and, indeed, I see many parellels.

I started writing a description of my space, but it got tedious and boring to write, so I can’t imagine it would be anything better to read. What I finished of it is in the extended section if you’ve got nothing better to do. My living space falls into four sections: 1. My desk // My home directory 2. My kitchen // My code/projects directory 3. My bedroom // My library directory 4. My living room // My desktop

1. My desk // My home directory

It is the likely place to start, as it is where I spend the bulk of my time, and it accumulates the most junk. My desk, like my computer, suffers from the same problem of me putting things there so that they remain prominent in my mind, and then reaching critical mass where they turn from “items I should think about” to “wad of stuff to compact.” To help alleviate this, I have a little container into which I dump everything in my pockets when I sit down. I use the space in between my pen-holder and my box of envelopes as a slot for a few pieces of paper, but that only goes so far.

Current culprits: a day old Starbucks cup, a day old energy drink can, three bills from various services, two textbooks, scattered receipts.

  • The cup and can should go to the kitchen, but I’d feel bad throwing away the can so I would just have to set it on the counter, but the counter is currently clean, the cup needs to be drained before it can be thrown in the trash, lest it leak coffee juice through the paper bag. Solution: Perhaps a recycling receptacle, and a plastic-based trash bag would make this process quicker.
  • The bills don’t really have anywhere to go, I leave them on the desk to keep them in mind, but they tend to be covered by something else soon enough that they are out of mind. Solution: I need one of those mail sorter desk items, or to get my bills sent to me online. Being a geek. I’ll try for the latter.
  • The textbooks eventually get stacked on the floor next to my desk, but they usually have a brief moment of fame when they are constantly in the way of everything I do. Solution: I need to keep the stacks on the side of my desk more organized, although a bookshel might help.
  • Scattered receipts just seem to find their way into odd nooks when I empty my pockets upon arrival. Solution: I actually started solving this a while back by adding a trash bin under part of my desk, but it was always in the way so it got kicked far enough out of reach that it no longer servers the very-easy-to-reach requirement.

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