Boris Mann suckered me into joining LinkedIn, I suspect because he wanted my shining name gracing his connections list (hah!). Anyway, I’m on there now and will be proceeding to add the folk I already know, if you are on there and know me, ping me and we’ll get connected. Silly, silly LinkedIn.

Correction: I hate LinkedIn, it imposes such difficulty on adding people, finding people, and what not. Seems like a nice service but the interface feels inconsistent. That said, I’ll probably not be going through the effort of finding and adding the people I know at this time. If you feel like adding me, or convincing me that I don’t hate the interface, please do so.

2 thoughts on “LinkedIn

  1. /me just trolling for more links to my site 😛

    Seriously, LinkedIn is pretty much a business networking site. They make it “hard” to add people because basically you only want to add people that you know well enough to recommend for business-type connections.

    I filter by physical meetings — that is, I pretty much won’t add someone unless I’ve met them in person at least once.

    I am still waiting to see what LinkedIn turns into…

    (and for extra fun, you can’t link to your LinkedIn profile, either…)

  2. We chose a design that was not an open community because the greatest reservation of a lot of the senior people we’ve met over the years (hiring managers, people who can invest millions of dollars, etc.) is to join a network where they are too accessible since they already on a daily basis receive plenty of email that is not true spam, but that is of low value to them.

    The only requests they respond to are those that come to them by recommendation from someone they know and trust. So, LinkedIn is a place where these people feel they are accessible for someone who has a good proposal for them, but not too accessible where they get swamped with business plans, resumes, etc.

    Through the quality of people on LinkedIn, we have also become by far the largest online business network. While you have to leverage your reputation with your contacts to reach people you want to meet, it is a tool that can help you reach the people you want provided you have a win-win proposal for them.


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