Levi’s, Meet Andy


Will Pate tells me that Levi’s wants to use bloggers as models for a new branding campaign, “A Style For Every Story.” Andy — that’s me — the continuously self-photographing blogger dude in the corner wants in.


Normally this would be a perfect excuse to buy a new pair of Levi’s, put them on and be photographed somewhere random without a shirt on; however, due to Canada’s brand of Levi’s not carrying my preferred fit (on the left), that task becomes a little more difficult. Of course, were they to fly me to New York (why not San Francisco, guys?) I would be able to provide myself with enough premium Levi’s jeans to give stories like this, this, this, this or this a much more distinctly Levi’s edge. This story involves Levi’s though.

I’ll even make the same offer as Will, email me for it, I’ll blog all about it and have pictures all over Flickr the next day. Plus, I’ll give half the money to Will, just because I’m cool. Well, also because I can make outrageously generous offers based on scenarios that are outrageously unlikely to come true. Vote Andy for Jeans Dude 2005!

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