Let’s Get Nuclear

Not that I particularly think the Netherlands are in any danger of pissing off somebody to the point of getting nuked (where would people import their Heineken from?), but I would find it horribly ironic if I got nuked after moving from the United States — aside: I am becoming increasingly tired of that name, I mean come on have some imagination, might as well call it Places Together, at least it wouldn’t look like a word when written as an acronym and is much faster to say, everywhere I go I have to say “the states” and I find that ridiculous as well — to the Netherlands — okay, Netherlands is not all that creative either, maybe I should just shut up.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Get Nuclear

  1. Say you are from California. It sounds much more exotic and will get you less sneers than just “the States” I imagine.

  2. Tommy: I always do, but when you are talking about something I don’t usually say, “in California we…” even though that is generally much more applicable than me trying to say “in the states we…” as the places can be quite different and I really haven’t been to too many…

  3. Commie pig. Don’t be a state-ah hate-ah.

    Seriously, the name was probably much more important back when there was much strife among the colonies and it was in fact a big deal to unite them while at the same time granting each its autonomy as a state. That significance is sort of diluted now.

    Doesn’t Michael Moore propose, looking at the map, that we just call the U.S. “The Big One”?

  4. Laughed a lot. You could start saying “The Lands.” LOL

    My country has three names for God’s sake.

    — A happy Flock user ๐Ÿ™‚

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