Leaving Vancouver

On the last couple days of June in 2004, I was hired by Sxip and moved to Vancouver, BC. The resulting times were a whirlwind of work, networking and parties, quickly leading me to find many good friends and wonderful places. A complete change of lifestyle and responsibility, but a welcome one.

On March 11th, 2005, I was informed that we had been unable to renew the work permit by which I was working in Canada, meaning that once I went to Etech in San Diego on the 14th, I would not be allowed to return to Canada for 6 months or until it was renewed. The reason it could not be renewed? My age. I am 4 months and 10 days too young to be ‘qualified’ for NAFTA, and while I may have been given a work permit when I arrived, Canada certainly was not going to renew it.

After another whirlwind, this time of work, preparation and tears, I got on a plane to return to California for an extended stay. Skip past some conference details and that brings us up to the present.

As I type this, I am sitting in the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, the cheapest and quickest place for me to get highish-speed internet while living on the couch of my father’s apartment and hunting for a place to live.

California is beautiful in ways that Vancouver could never be, this year’s heavy rain has given us an extension on green hills, and as I drove along 280 to get to San Francisco for my apartment hunt yesterday I was brought to tears at the resurgent memories of the feeling. I promise you friend, you have not enjoyed driving until you have experienced that stretch of smooth curves through green hills at the limits of your vehicle. Santa Cruz and 17, that highway with such a blood-soaked past, did not disappoint either. It is perhaps fitting that the evening before I heard the news of my impending relocation I had been holding back tears when hearing a song that brought back exceedingly fond memories of driving through the eucalyptus trees between Aptos and Capitola in a certain white Honda (A Century of Fakers by Belle and Sebastian).

My future has been cast very suddenly up into the air and while I am confident in landing, I can’t yet make out where the ground is. My job is secure, I still work for Sxip and will be doing so from San Francisco, they have been wonderful with regards to all of this, taking responsibility for ensuring the smoothness of this transition. Internet will be sparse until I locate an apartment and get a chance to switch my clock from hummingbird to macaw.

To everybody in Vancouver I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to, I’ll miss you, I hope you are still around when I finally make it back.

Vancouver, apparently, just had the most amazing rainbow ever, photos:

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