Leaving Google

In a few days I’ll be leaving my wonderful job at Google (working on App Engine) and setting out on my own for a while.

It’s been an interesting ride, I’ve learned a lot and my coworkers have been awesome. I think App Engine is one of the coolest projects out there right now and I know they’ll keep up the good work. I’ll still be contributing to Jaiku/JaikuEngine.

As for the future I’ve got a pretty blank slate, and with spring just arriving in San Francisco that feels pretty damn nice. I plan on working on my own projects for a while, but am interested to hear about the cool stuff you’ve got going on, so drop me a line and buy me a beer 🙂

heres me soaring into the future
here's me soaring into the future

P.S. My new phone number is available on Facebook, update your records 🙂

15 thoughts on “Leaving Google

  1. Kind of felt like you were getting ready to move on. Reading that old post about the perfect deck feels like you could do with finding a spot to just relax. To further adventures.

  2. Congrats Termie, plenty to do in the world – if you visit the UK drop me a line and Ill buy you a beer sometime. Keep up the great work you do.

  3. Best of luck on your next endeavour! And if you are going to bicycle through Europe, drop by and stick around for a few days. We have a great beach 😉

  4. funny, i was thinking about jaiku the other day and wondering what’s up with you. jealous of the spring in san fran. i’m sure it’s fun, goddamn it. keep us posted, best of luck an

  5. Hello Andy, Wish you a great time ahead. Thanks for all your sharings on Jaikuengine. We are building some Enterprise collaborative Social Software for enterprises at http://www.CollabQ.com adding urls,files, video, photos uplaods. Lets stay in touch and exchagnge things we do. You are a great Social guy. I admire you and I am sure our roads will cross.

    cheers Srini Vemula http://twitter.com/svemula

  6. Looking forward to your next level of awesomeness, how about igniting it in Amsterdam? 😉 We also have biatches uhhh beaches:D

  7. Termie! Congratulations!

    Let’s finally do lunch in SF (and beers) sometime (or just beers). Last time we spoke, you said I owed you lunch, then we had some more shots, then you decreed that I buy you lunch sometime. So, I better make good on that 😉

  8. It’s wonderful to hear that the songbird is again uncaged! Can’t wait to see what innovative crazy is next for you. J & I think of your awesome often.

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