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A couple weeks back I ran into the website for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. On it they had a large table listing the men and women who had been executed since 1982. There were quite a few.

As I started clicking on random last statements I ran into many that were deeply moving and wanted others to be able to read them in a format more personable than the dry experience that the TDCJ website provided.

The website is up at, read through it and try not to just skip to the end. You can find the source in the github project.

The page itself is long with many images, so you probably don’t want to open it in a mobile browser (if anybody wants to put in the work to provide a better mobile experience, the source is all there).

P.S. Thanks to Timoni for help with the design 🙂

9 thoughts on “Lasting Statement

  1. Google was unable to find the site, and said there was an error. Please let me know when it is up and running again

  2. Google decided to, for some reason, forget that the site existed? Super annoying, have no idea how long that it has been that way. Just had to re-register.

  3. Stewart: strange on the one without the statement, I found the statement on the site I scraped, so it is possible that the scraping code missed it. I’ve updated Javier’s statement.

    I also apparently missed Cameron Willingham’s last statement (added him now), I may do a quick re-evaluation of the scraping code… instead of writing the presentation I should be working on right now, eep.

  4. Wow, good work, QA, found 200 (!!) badly parsed entries, that’s about 2/5ths of the dataset and doubles the number of displayed statements. So goes parsing hand-written html.

  5. The last three days I have spent every minute of my free time slowly absorbing each last statement. I am deeply affected. I don’t know what to say, but thank you for creating this website.

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