Just Gonna Have To Be A Different Man

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a short trip and having the world be radically different from when you left.

My girlfriend of a couple years and I broke up a couple weeks ago (generally mutually and on good terms so far). We lived together, so I went on a trip for work for a little less than two weeks to give her time to figure out what she wanted and she decided to move out during that time (she told me, so it wasn’t a surprise). There is an emptiness in the air and in me that is hard to keep away.

As a youth I, like many, would get depressed or melancholy in these situations and write a lot, at the time on LiveJournal. That is somewhat what I am doing now, and I expect it will still be a little bit before my coping mechanisms take effect, but at some point along the way in life I found that working with my hands and getting exercise really help me to think more clearly. It’s probably because it forces me away from tech or into healthier introspective activities.

One thing it usually results in is a very clean house so I guess I can look forward to that.

6 thoughts on “Just Gonna Have To Be A Different Man

  1. for some reason this is first post of yours my reader picked up since about 2009. Being the judgmental prick that I am, I though “another asshole, only bothers with outside world once single”. Yayks.

    Not exactly what one likes to read, but glad to find out you’re alive. best, ana

  2. Going through the same thing now, Andy. Exercise and manual work sounds like good advice. Hope things are getting better for you (both) now.

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