Little update on JiBot, got some nice features implemented, source available at Sourceforge. Check the extended for a changelog.

In somewhat related news, I plan on enjoying myself tomorrow night at the Technorati Hoedown, or was it a Shindig…


2004-05-19 - - Fixed the behavior in which a person who has no def is heralded as unknown even if we've already seen them. - Fixed an issue with people being re-heralded after a netsplit by setting the last_herald for them more often (on quit, for instance) Also checks if the nick is in cur_nicks before heralding, in case it never saw the person quit (first out in netsplit, first in scenario) If netsplit lasts for more than 10 minutes, all bets are off, it will herald the first two 'new' nicks it sees. - Gave ?quit the option of including a custom message, e.g. '?quit QUick update...' - Fixed a typo where favorites was spelled favorties - Fixed another typo that was sending cmd_favorites many arguments - Added a default behavior for a ?karma with no argument - Replaced some of the defDB functionality with a re.split() to split on 'and' and '&' as well as stripping them from the front of an entry should they show up there. This means you can ?def and ?forget multiple items at once. - Added useful information to ?forget when multiple phrases are being removed. - Fixed another issue with favorites with things being treated as boolean instead of int - Uses the identification checking to securely identify the owners as well as The Queen - Allows the ?forgetnick, ?heraldme, and queen commands in private message if identification checking is on and the user is identified - Added jeanniecool as a default owner - Added technorati as a default channel - Will now only recognize nicks it has seen before for favoring, to prevent favoring of odd things and phrases, also forces everthing into lowercase - Removed the delay from the say and action commands, freenode staff says that throttling won't be a problem - Added a default ?blog action that gives the location of the blog - Nick didn't pass any useful parameters, so it is ignored in the parse() method for JibotMessage. - The Technorati API is now updated to handle the latest version should the date formate be changed, and has more error handling regardless.

2004-04-25 - - Added the ability to check for identification, the config file setting is 'check_identification'(boolean), and is on by default, currently nothing is checking against this, however. - Added the ability to identify with NickServ using a password stored in a plaintext file, 'identifykey.txt' by default, and is off by default because you will need to register the nick before it can be used. The config options for this functionality are 'identify'(boolean) and 'identify_key_file'(filename) - Fixed a bug with ?learn_first, it was using some early code and wasn't converting to a string. - Added some type checks to the defDB - Made ?help respond in PM, ?help by itself will PM you with the message while ?help will PM that nick

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