Jaiku Over XMPP

Today calls for Caffe Esprit (yes, connected to the not very exciting clothing store) and its “Special Burger” of stomach fillage.

Seems like few things make one as hungry as that state of pseudo panig that goes with scheduled downtime and feature releases, something about remembering all the things you forgot at the last minute, about having a plan that would have worked if you weren’t going to get so many views in hte first seconds of uptime that the site stops responding.

But it’s done now, this week’s mini crisis, and we got some cool stuff out of it, our Jabber bot has now been scaled out of private beta and our search is now quite a bit more universal. Plenty of other small things and more stuff sitting in the oven.

Seeing as how I didn’t get a chance to type this in until what, 8 hours after lunch, it’s worth noting that it apparently wasn’t “done.” Now to survive through the US hours.

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