It’s The Screamiest

A couple weekends back I participated in Art Hack Day with a bunch of neat people. If you’re unfamiliar, the idea is a weekend long hackathon “for hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is tech.” I had a bunch of ideas going in and tried to work with a few people but in the end only finished one of the projects. It’s a database of screams, with a phone interface. Meet Scream Phone.

The first goal was just to gather a bunch of screams so that other projects could use them as original content (the theme was “Lethal Software” so it seemed useful to have some screams available). In general I had the feeling of “if you build it, they’ll figure out how to use it,” and it worked. My gathered screams got used by the Noisebomb project.

When other projects fell through I decided to give the excellent Twilio API a shot and make a quick Google App Engine site to host it all. It also gave me a fun chance to spray paint all over a wall in an art gallery (a very satisfying experience).

It’s still running, so feel free to call in and add your personal scream to the database. You can get the code on my GitHub.

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