It’s Snowing!


Aaah! This is amazing. I am so excited right now I just had to share my joy with everybody. I even sent text messages to everybody in my phone book who had a mobile phone.

You see, and this is actually vaguely related to the 43 Things talk, one of my goals in life, having only been through the bitter Californian winters, was to live someplace where it snows. Ever since I can remember as a small child, I’ve had that desire, and in moving to Vancouver I knew I was likely to finally experience it.

It is everything I ever hoped for.

I’ve seen snow before, I’ve even been somewhere that was mildly snowing, but this is far more than that. I awoke this morning to see beautiful currents of snow flakes dancing around the wind of the 18th floor. Vast, sweeping flows of the sort I have only seen in books and movies. The smile has not left my face all morning; I feel like a kid again.

Thank you, Vancouver, snow, sky, you’ve made my day.

P.S. The lunch has moved back to 2pm, although reservations have already been made, so those who wish to join us should just show up and get a table near us.

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