Injury Recap

Quick injury story for those interested and asking:

i got my tire caught in the muni tracks. i was going rather fast downhill (sanchez to 17th) and made a left turn too widely. i’ve made the turn a hundred times but i was drunk so over-confident that my angles would work out… they didn’t. spent a day on the couch feeling like shit and the next day a good friend drove me around to dr appointments all day for x-rays, ct scans, etc. gist is that i have a fracture in my elbow (doesn’t really hurt that much and i have decent range of motion, but i can’t really rotate my arm comfortably like one has to to make your hand flat on a keyboard) and apparently a few small fractures in my face (eye/temple area, makes it hard to chew, squint, laugh, that sort of stuff and swelly, though that’s gone down a lot, also makes my snot bloody).

i’m “prescribed” large doses of advil for the pain and the swelling (the stuff works pretty well when you take way more than the “maximum” dose), wearing a sling as much as possible, some antibiotics to keep the bleedy sinus parts from getting infected (to be taken every 6 hours, which means i get to wake up at 6am every day for at least long enough to down a pill), but not really a lot else. once i figure out how to strip any personal info out of them, i’ll upload my x-rays and ct scans and give out a link for anybody into that sort of stuff.

oh, and a picture of my swolleny face

2 thoughts on “Injury Recap

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your accident and current miserable condition. I got some strong meds for a recent root canal but they are up here in Portland with me, not so accessible to you now.

    When I had my wisdom teeth removed, (all 4 the same day because they were impacted and sideways), I went home, and laid in the dark. I was given strong meds (vicodin), but I couldn’t keep the pills down, so I laid there for 3 days with ice packs on both sides of my face as the only way to relieve the pain. It was cold. It was boring. It was painful.

    At the time, I had a convention of naming CDs after candy. You may remember. Smarties, Blow Pops, Tootsie Rolls, Snickers, Lemon Drops, etc. I had made a CD for myself of quiet music before going the dentist, but I hadn’t named it yet.

    When my sad situation became clear, I had my mother write ‘Vicodin’ on the CD in her lovely mom handwriting, and I listened to those tracks in circles for those 3 days in the dark of my room. I think it had Nina Simone’s cover of House of the Rising Sun, and Call Me Anything but Call Me by Ma Rainey, Chicago (Adult Contemporary Version) by Sufjan Stevens, Lovey Dovey by World Leader Pretend, Pink Moon by Nick Drake, Russian Lullaby by Jerry Garcia, Uphi Umhlobo by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Junk by the Beatles. Try those out, eyes closed in a darkened room.

    Move slowly, listen to podcasts like Poetry Off the Shelf, drink ginger ale, get some purple makeup to match your bruise. If you’re stuck with it, you might as well make a fashion statement. 🙂

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