In Which We Acquire Rackspace

The word is out, Anso Labs has a new brother-in-arms.

In all reality not a lot has changed, we do exactly what we were doing before (solving the open source cloud) but now we have more computers and a wealth of new teammates with lots of experience.

Rackspace itself is a nice company to work at. They have a very family-like atmosphere, surely attributable to their fine Texan upbringings, and they’ve put an immense amount of resources at our collective fingertips without trying to control us in any way. They also gave us cowboy hats, so we’re pretty much best friends now.

2 thoughts on “In Which We Acquire Rackspace

  1. That’s very nice. Welcome- I’m sure I could drum up some salsa too Dacia Napier Lanham’s wife

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