In Which BAR Camp Spirals Wildly Out Of Control

We’re getting tons of press here, the list of people talking about us is growing rapidly, and I have the feeling it is only a matter of time before my little servers get BoingBoing’d, Slashdotted or Ito’d into oblivion. Posting from BAR Camp HQ (aka SocialText) right now, and I have to say, the place is great.

While trying to keep up with everything people are saying about us I’ve run across a fair number of “anti-FOO” descriptions, Om’s post most notably, and it worried me a bit. None of us organizers have any resentment for FOO, in fact we liked it enough to wish we could have more, right? And openness is goodness. Plus if we had made it invite-only, I don’t think any of us would have gotten invited 😉

There’s been some disappointment expressed by a few people over the timing of the event and its intentional overlap with FOO. The people who are going to FOO Camp have a choice and as with any choice there are options that aren’t chosen. BAR Campers were not given that choice: BAR Camp attendance is mandatory.

Just kidding. The point is that this is something good, too, and I’d rather be disappointed because I have to choose between two good things than between no good things. In other words, deal with it 😉 And hey, if you ever end up unable to make it to Sebastopol, our door’s open.

We’re still looking for sponsors for food and drinks, I’d love to be able to provide everything free of charge for people BUT only have so much personal cash to burn. I’m completely making up numbers here, but I’m going to say $200 will probably cover a meal, $100 will probably a day’s worth of water and caffeine or the entire events snacks, and something in between would probably do for an evening’s worth of beer. Oh, and we’re getting shirts printed which will run a total of about $500.

Feel free to sign up on the wiki if you are interested in sponsoring things, you can probably paypal me if you’re that kind of person, paypal at the anarkystic domain should find me. We may have a better system later on, but I’m trustworthy 😉 Not really sure exactly how much we can give you for sponsoring, but at the very least I will thank you profusely on my blog and maybe draw your company’s logo on one of the whiteboard walls. The more things we can get sponsors to cover, the more stuff we can give away for free to everybody, and everybody likes free stuff.

Oh, and we’ve got a logo now! (much thanks to Eris Free)

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