In A World Primarily Ruled By Darkness…

<shatner> Imagine a. World. A world in which. Death. Is not the end, in which. Men. Are afraid of those beasts, former men who have. Died. Died and returned to feast upon the brains, the hearts, the. Souls. Of the still living. And imagine that it was. All. A musical.</shatner>

Those cool cats over at Swarthmore , including recent Diebold-conqueror, a man whom Lawrence Lessig just weeks ago described to me with the words, “my hero,” a man by the name of Nelson Pavlosky, and the other stylish dudes and dudettes behind, are putting together a wonderfully timed event at to remix Night of the Living Dead.

The Goal: Take advantage of Night of the Living Dead‘s lack of copyright to produce new and interesting undead art.

The Process: The movie is being distributed over BitTorrent (I’m helping seed) in chunks small enough that iFilm can handle them over at Users will remix to their hearts content, points for outrageousness and style. Of course, I don’t give the points, they do, and for now, nobody but them knows what the OFFICIAL details are.

(8:14:38 PM) Nelson Pavlosky: yep, we’re in the process of writing the official announcing blog post
(8:14:49 PM) Nelson Pavlosky: we already have a press release we’re going to push out to the press
(8:14:54 PM) Andy: ping me when you are through
(8:18:55 PM) Nelson Pavlosky: ok, nevermind about the official blog post, the official blogger is going to bed, it won’t happen until tomorrow

P.S. I’d love to see Night of the Living Dance, I’ll paypal some money ($50?) to the person who remixes a decently long musical/dance number out of this movie. The winner will be chosen, of course, based on my own peculiar whims.

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