I Prefer Simple Gifts^W^WSocks

Receiving gifts is something I’m not particularly good at doing. I don’t look excited enough, I’ll often make comments that undermine the pleasure of the gifter, and in general I just don’t seem very grateful. Due to this, I tend to prefer simple, practical gifts that people don’t expect me to gush over and have an easy to point out use.

In the traditional sense, I am not an easy person to buy gifts for. People tend to want to give things that somebody has expressed interest in having, but I tend to immediately acquire everything I want when I first come across it. I’m a quick, effective shopper both online and in person and I put some effort into being up-to-date on the kinds of things that I might want, so finding me something I haven’t seen but want can be rather difficult.

(Towards alleviating some of that difficulty, I make a conscious effort not to buy all the things I want for myself during gift-giving seasons.)

Even before opening the gift I begin to feel nervous in the way one feels nervous for a dancer during their solo, I don’t want the gifter to have to respond to an awkward situation in which I am not as excited as they had hoped.

There are three kinds of gifts I usually receive:

One kind, the most nerve-wracking, are from people who know me well and are aware of the difficulty in finding me something new that I like but decide to try anyway. They’ve put extra effort into finding this gift and they really want a pay-off of excitement that I am terrible at providing.

The second kind are significantly easier to handle. They’ve come across some easy knick-knack that they felt I would enjoy, wrapped it up and gave it to me. The chances of me liking the knick-knack are still fairly slim, but at least they haven’t put any hopes and dreams behind it. The gift is casual and so is the response.

The third kind are the ones I like the best and the gifts they give fall into two categories, handmade (by the gifter) or simple basics.

For handmade gifts, pretty much anything goes, I love having things that a friend made, I love getting an excuse to think of them every time I use or notice what they made for me. I’ll keep the things forever, and I’ll keep them safe.

Simple basics are really what are easiest for me to receive. I can never have enough socks (size 10, quarter cut running socks, puma and adidas), if I could put on a new pair of socks every day for the rest of my life I think I’d be pretty damn happy. Underwear with random stuff on it (medium, boxer briefs with the shortest legs / trunks / briefs / brando briefs, from h&m / diesel / d&g / burberry / gucci) are great. Solid color American Apparel t-shirts (medium, crew / v / deep-v) are always useful. … And that’s kinda it.

So, when in doubt: socks. Eso si que es.

2 thoughts on “I Prefer Simple Gifts^W^WSocks

  1. I hear ya. I hate being asked what I want for [insert holiday/occasion]. I don’t need or specifically want anything else than what I already have, or else I’d buy it. I don’t want more “stuff”.

    If someone sees something and are like “OMG Ariane would LOOOOVE this”, or wants to make me something, great. I’ll probably be stoked to receive it. But otherwise, just don’t do it. Gifts shouldn’t be an exercise, habit, or obligation. They should be special. And if they’re not really special, then what’s the point?

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