I Dream of the Perfect Desk

And maybe the perfect back, too, mine hurts a bit right now.

I sit at a computer for the majority of my life, nearly as often as a sleep, and I can’t help but think that maybe there is some combination of desk technology that could make that experience one that is efficient and comfortable, even healing.

I’ve always had this vision of a library, vaulted roofs, walls of books, distant windows, and a table ripe for a small banquet: big, maybe 5 meters by 2, rounded at the long ends, dark, solid wood, polished to a shine. I’d be the only there most of the time, stacks of books on the table, pushed far enough away to be just on the periphery of my vision, pieces of paper and notes, pens, scattered around. Anything I don’t want immediately next to me at any given moment can be pushed out of reach without any further thought, safe for later when I can process it without interruption.

A healing place, a place of relaxation. I haven’t really had much of one for a long time, I have a couple pieces of one, there is a couch in my house that is great for reading and napping on summer afternoons when the last light of the day peeks between the houses and drowns in warmth, but they are not places where I can create.

I often get tempted by various office furniture, mostly chairs from Herman-Miller, wondering if they can somehow bring whatever it is that I am seeking into my home. When stressed I often clean my surroundings to relax myself, I am attracted to finding the optimal solution to the puzzle of the things scattered around me. I enjoy having large reference books on the periphery of my vision because I feel like just having them there makes me more aware of their contents, I also enjoy a certain amount of emptiness, I do not like the feeling of possibly running out of space, I sometimes keep large amounts of whitespace at the bottom of files while I am working in them so that I do not feel like there is any sort of limit, in fact I’ve been doing that to this file as I’ve been writing.

Anyway, back to work.

3 thoughts on “I Dream of the Perfect Desk

  1. Brad: Yeah, that looks pretty neat, I’ve been thinking more and more about getting a desk that has adjustable height for standing and sitting

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