Happy International Women’s Day

You go girls. There’s really something to be said for women, they really operate in a completely foreign world. They endlessly torment us with their unbelievable appeal mixed with immense unattainability, yet in the end all decent men will crawl after every scrap of love their particular Venus lets fall to the ground and never think twice about whether it was worth it.

I’ll play the antagonist to whatever crusade you may be on all the time, but you know I’ve got nothin’ but love for you babe, do your thing.

If this was a podcast, I would have totally had the backup singers from “I’ll Never Call You Bitch Again” playing for that last sentence.

(This post brought to you by Andy’s thinly masked attempts to appeal to the tender, caring side of the female gender. He really does think girls kick way more ass than they give themselves credit for, though.)

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