hääyöääliö älä lyö

That’s some badass Finnish shit I learned the first time I met the Jaiku guys over some sukiyaki when I was joining the team about a year ago today.

So, the news is out and it feels good to finally have everything be “complete.”

Anyway, along with all this, I am moving back to SF, quite soon actually (I should be there this weekend) and am throwing a small going away party at my place on Friday the 12th between 8pm and 1amish (I have an early flight in the morning).

A bit busy keeping servers from melting right now so I’ll keep it short.

5 thoughts on “hääyöääliö älä lyö

  1. Congratulations! Have fun selling out and make the most of it! This sounds like the best route I could imagine for moving back to the bay area.

  2. Dude, we have the same name. You are AWESOME! We should party sometime!!!! You da man!!! Soulja boy up in that ho. Watch andy crank and watch him roll. Watch me crank that soulja boy and superman that ho!!!! we definitely have the same name. thats awesome. peace broseph!

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