I am getting pretty fucking tired of arrogant attitudes from random Dutch “tech” people.

Update: Feeling better now. There was a guy who came into the office and asked some random questions, and then looked at the book on my desk (Cal’s masterpiece) and I told him it had information everybody should know before touching a server and he said, “maybe too much information” and went on to criticize things and explain that he is a developer, blah blah blah, “so what do you guys do?” giving me every urge to splatter his body against the nearest wall Tetsuo-style for his insolence.

Update 2: There seems to be a little confusion over this, the arrogant action was the act of putting something down simply to appear ‘above’ it, as if to imply that they know so much about a topic that they are able to criticize it, in this example the perpetrator made a negative comment about the book so as to appear that he did not need to read it. It has also been brought up that perhaps the fact that I am young has some effect on their actions. In a related note, I added a wiki entry for TetsuoPuree.

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