Fuck Disclaimers

A few days ago, I was brought back to the first time I read Mark Pilgrim’s Corporate Blogging, a beautiful piece detailing the perils of corporate blogging. A few days ago I was asked to put a disclaimer on my blog.

I’ve built my life, or at least my soul, on credibility. Frequently finding myself younger than many of those I am interested in interacting with has forced me to try a little bit harder to be recognized than somebody older than I; without credibility, without people trusting what I say, I have very little to stand on. Doing something as stupid as presenting the company’s opinion as my own or vice versa is the last thing on my mind, it would destroy everything I have worked for. My biases are evident and I make no attempt to hide them, but I my petty favoritism does not stoop to the level of spin.

So, in the spirit of frivolity, a short list of things I like and don’t like:

  • I like ice cream, Python, and Fugazi.
  • I don’t like attempts to place words in my mouth, attempts to twist the meaning of my words, or Java.

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3 thoughts on “Fuck Disclaimers


    Asking for a disclaimer is transparent, cheap, and so drippingly corporate.

    Don’t do it.

  2. I’ll even make the same offer as Will, email me for it, I’ll blog all about it and have pictures all over Flickr the next day. Plus, I’ll give half the money to Will, just because I’m cool. Well, also because I can make outrageously generous offers based on scenarios that are outrageously unlikely to come true. Vote Andy for Jeans Dude 2005!


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