From One, Two

It can take a little while for certain kinds of feelings to catch up with me after a breakup. It’s been a few weeks now, so I suppose it is about time.

We’re adults now, we’ve learned to be honest when we care about someone, and we can look upon our dreams with sad eyes when they begin to fade. Still, we are rarely as strong as we appear from outside.

Obviously we survive, and we grow stronger, and we put up walls that we just have to tear down again, and if we’re lucky we learn something. Surely we aren’t fated to be repeat this cycle forever. Surely our caprices, selfishnesses, prides and insecurities will someday transform into their opposites.

Coping mechanisms: I have taught myself many, but writing was the first.

Albums not to listen to shortly after a breakup:

  • Tegan and Sera – Hearthrob

Albums to listen to shortly after a breakup:

  • Beck – Sea Change

4 thoughts on “From One, Two

  1. Elaborate? I only have two mechanisms, and not sure they suffice anymore. 1. writing 2. moving – but I’m running out of English-speaking countries to move to.

  2. Writing, learning some new skill for self betterment (baking, musical instrument, sewing), moving or just generally getting out of town, used to be able to code but doesn’t really work now that i think of it as work

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