A very important friend recently told me that I move at an intimidating pace. Since hearing that, I’ve been trying to put my actions into the perspective of time.

I’ve always been afraid of stagnation, of getting comfortable where I am and stopping forward progress, a trait that I expect spawns from growing up in San Jose, CA, a city whose inhabitants almost uniformly settle early into a comfort zone.

It was a year ago at Supernova 2004, a conference I attended after meeting the organizer at a pre-conference party, that I was hired at Sxip, and this year’s Supernova brought with it my time to move on.

I will still be involved with Sxip, likely in a much reduced capacity, and I will still support the network, but the part I am to play has changed significantly.

Many thanks to Dick and the rest of the team for the smooth transition.

Oh, and I’ll be reverting to the standard comment system for the time-being, as that code will no longer be developed on my system. Thanks for all the attention, I’ll likely be going back once the system goes live.

One thought on “Forward

  1. oh man, does this mean u are not moving back to Vancouver 🙁 ? call me 604 729 7924



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