As per Roland’s request (challenge?!) I whipped up a quick little Python tool to upload to Flickr.

General usage is something like ./flickrUpload -f phototoupload.jpg -p password :tag1 :tag2 :tag3
Loads some stuff from a configuration file, allowing you to set some defaults, handles all functionality provided by the Flickr Upload API

File can be found here: flickrUpload-0.1.tar.gz

README available, or better yet, at the wiki: FlickrUpload
Source Code
Sample Configuration File

** Update ** New info

5 thoughts on “flickrUpload-0.1

  1. oh great! Now I have to figure out how to get Amaretto to work with this Python script on the phone.

    First things, first, though, try this script on my Mac.

    thanks Andy!


    p.s. my blog post was not a challenge 🙂 !

  2. I got such error message

        filetype was not recognised

    However, I can view the picture(a jpg file) locally. what’s the problem?

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