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Every so often, a project comes along that really adds a new flavor to the internet. Somebody has the bright idea to create something for public consumption and all of a sudden everybody is trying some. Projects like and Technorati (to plug some of my favorite tools) leap out in this category, and more recently Flickr.

If you are way behind the curve and haven’t heard of Flickr yet, they are a tool for sharing your photos, publicly or privately, in a community where the network effect leads to ever increasing benefits. Blessed with both a highly usable interface and an extremely robust set of features, Flickr has certainly captured my heart, so the moment I got the announcement that they were beginning to offer paid accounts I immediately signed up for a two-year account.

This idea has legs, and I’m glad to be involved. Both Stewart and Caterina have been more than welcoming to me since the first day I signed up so long ago, and I wish them and the rest of the Flickr crew the greatest success.

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