I’ll be giving a talk at EuroDjangoCon in lovely Prague in early May. It’ll be about migrating a standard LAMP web site to App Engine.


Welcome to your new life in the cloud. Based on the experience of porting the now open source Jaiku microblogging service from a traditional set up to Google’s App Engine platform, this very technical talk will teach you how to live in a new world where RDBMS are a thing of the past.
This talk will cover porting your app, your data model and your brain. In porting your app it will cover getting you up and running on App Engine using the Google App Engine Helper for Django open source project. In porting your data model it will address various approaches and pitfalls to scalability on the App Engine datastore. In porting your brain it will cover living with hard request deadlines and without JOINs.

Should be a fun conference, and a great time of year to see Prague, would love to hear from anybody who will be around town 🙂

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