Escalating Anti-Gentrification Sentiment in the Mission

The neighborhood I live in, the mission district, specifically the area between 18th and 24th streets, has lately been the target of various anti-gentrification statements, culminating for me today while a man shouted insults from his window at people walking out of Ritual Roasters Coffee (there is already anti-gentrification sidewalk stenciling outside the entrance).

It seems Google is one of the parties being blamed for it as more crudely made sidewalk stenciling at Guerrero and 24th makes clear, and in part I can see how it contributes by having a shuttle pickup in the neighborhood but in reality the pickup locations are chosen based on existing housing situations so it would appear to be more of a feedback loop.

Anyway, with things like the “Mission Yuppie Eradication Project” in the past and being bucketed with the “yuppies” I don’t look forward to a continuation of this trend into the realm of reckless destruction or violence. Sidewalk stenciling is something I fully support, though I must say I prefer those that are better made or more clever than the ones mentioned here, but angry shouting from windows is definitely a large step in the wrong direction.

3 thoughts on “Escalating Anti-Gentrification Sentiment in the Mission

  1. So — if it was the man directly across from Ritual, the man who they’ve got a restraining order against, then it’s safe to guess he’d say anything to accost the clientele and employees there.

    It’s pretty clear in watching him that he’s furious for a reason (he lives just across and is bothered by the over-roasting, etc) and he is pushing his boundaries as much as he can. Quite literally… he comes just outside or simply yells from his flat, at anyone who’ll listen.

    The shuttle pickups are probably not the biggest issue for people that are actually concerned about this (“in part I can see how it contributes”) but yeah, they’re clearly choosing the soft spots for placing the stencils…

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