I installed a wiki, with ease, and styled it, with less ease, today. You can get to it from the little link on the top right next to the words “go to.” That section, by the way, is probably where I will be adding links to any new areas as they happen to pop into existence.

A wiki, if you don’t know and are too lazy to click on the link, is a bit of a free-for-all information bank. Anybody who cares to can hop in there and change the text of any of the pages, or add new pages if a term does not yet exist. On one hand it is like an encyclopedia (see wikipedia), on the other it is like a community. My particular wiki is called a MoinMoin Wiki, and it is at http://anarkystic.com/w/, so anything after that is generally a keyword and a wiki page.

I don’t really have a large purpose for it yet, I only really installed it so that I could test some xmlrpc features for [jibot](http://joi.ito.com/joiwiki/JiBot Joi’s Wiki’s entry for Jibot), but, I decided quickly that it would be fun to play with, so here we are.

Next on the FeatureList for this site is probably some form of photo gallery/album. I haven’t been too pleased with the options I’ve seen in that area so far, but I’m still looking. If you have any suggestions for ones you’ve liked, leave a comment.

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