Downhill Battle and Participatory Politics are Hiring

It feels somewhat futile to repeat Boing Boing on this as their readership dwarfs mine, but it was too cool of a thing to not talk about.

Downhill Battle and Participatory Politics are jointly hiring a developer.


  • Real world experience coding original PHP/MySQL. This means professional work or major open source experience.
  • You must be comfortable investigating, understanding, and working with other people’s code.
  • Drupal/CivicSpace experience is a plus, but not required if you’re a fast, flexible learner.
  • Living within an hour of Worcester MA is a plus (Boston, Providence, Springfield, etc).

If it wasn’t for already having a pretty damn cool job at Sxip, I would be all over this in a heartbeat. Spread the word folks, these people could use some good coders.

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