Does Anybody Have A Spare T610?

I have a Nokia 6600, it is the coolest phone I’ve ever owned, but it will no longer sync with my Mac via iSync. Recently, whenever syncing contacts, it brings up a spurious “Low on memory” error. I have done everything I can think of to make this damn sync work, including formatting the phone (wihch means I no longer have ANY contacts in it and can only add them back one at a time), but to no avail. All reports of this occurrence that I have been able to locate on Google have had no solutions.

So, until I can fix this or purchase a new Symbian OS phone, I would be greatly indebted to anybody who would let me use their Sony Ericsson T610 (or T600 if that supports Bluetooth and syncing via iSync). I have quite a large number of contacts and make heavy use of iSync so the manual approach is barely an option.

You know I’d do it for you.

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