Dodgeball Bought By Google

In my mailbox a couple minutes ago:

Big news, dodgeball fans! On May 11th, was acquired by Google!

Q: What does the acquisition mean to dodgeball? What’s going to change?

A: Now that we’re part of Google, we’ll have more resources available to us. That means Alex and I can get back to building new features. We have a lot of ideas that we’ve wanted to work on for a long time and we’re excited that we will now have the time and resources to actually follow-through with them. There’s some cool stuff in the works – stay tuned.

I hope some of the stuff in my open letter make the cut. I’m quite excited about this, it was exactly the kind of thing a service like this needed to reach critical mass. Do I get any early adopter bonuses?

One thought on “Dodgeball Bought By Google

  1. After you mentioned it at coachella I went and checked the site out, this is definately Cool-Things-About-To-Happen ™

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