I have always wanted to be a vegetarian. Vegetarians have a certain mystique, or, at least, I have always felt that they did. Unfortunately for my vegetarian aspirations, I am quite accustomed to meat and to stop eating it would throw a monkey wrench in most of my family gatherings.

That said, lately I have been considering another shot at phasing some meat out of my diet. Most recently spurred by Joi’s mention of Mad Cow, I decided to remove beef from my diet.

I realize that, at least currently, “mad cow disease” appears pretty overblown, but it feels like a good enough reason to ditch the cow. I already like most vegetarian foods, so that isn’t much of a stretch, plus, I avoid fast food as much as possible, and I don’t even enjoy eating steak.

So, does anybody want to take bets on how long I can successfully avoid cow corpse?

gapingvoid has an awesome cartoon up today.

2 thoughts on “Disembovined

  1. it’s crazy weird posting a comment here and since if you reply it won’t get emailed to me that kinda sucks because though i do care i probably won’t remember to check back or be able to find the address. that’s why i like LJ.

    but anyway.. just pretend that all steak is fatty and gross. because to me most of it is. and i don’t eat steak. at family gatherings it’s not that bad cause i don’t like ham either.. so i just eat potatoes and veggies. so healthy. ha.

    basically i just eat chicken and turkey.. and beef if it’s hamburgers or tacos. which sounds like a lot.. but when you think about it.. no steak, no pork chops, no ham, no hot dogs, no roast beef, no pot roast, no corned beef.. no other random stuff with funky names..

    SO.. that didn’t help at all but you can try to psych yourself out and pretend that eating pork is against your religion, steak is just fatty and too expensive, and.. yeha you can just try that. i’m done now.

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