Disconnected and Apart

My kingdom, my kingdom for some bandwidth! Internet connection did NOT arrive on Wednesday. My apartment building, apparently, does not have a “two-way” line for cable, a necessary requirement for my escape from the distraught existence that is my home life. I don’t have a phone line here, so DSL is out of the question, and dial-up wouldn’t be worth considering even if I did have a phone line. The other option is going to be some sort of cellular modem card for the laptop, but I can’t imagine that would be very fast either. I have a feeling that I will be spending long hours at the office.

Speaking of the office, it is actually a very nice place. It is in Gastown, which, while being tourist central (it is downhill from where the cruise ships dock), is a nice little cobble-stone and brick area. In the group area for the building, there is a pool table, comfortable sofas, and an impressive gym. I’m pretty sure they even have a shower. I get one of those fancy little fobs swipe by a sensor to get in, it is fun in that techie sort of way, although not quite as fun as the pass-card, hand scanner and booties that were required at Level 3. Security access is so cool.

Things are getting more comfortable, my apartment is clean and tidy with everything in its place. There is a little almost-a-desk for my computer paraphernalia, although this is being typed from a comfortable sofa-esque chair. There is really far more furniture than I know what to do with, should the need arise, at least 10 people could sit comfortably in my living room. Did I mention there is a housecleaning service? Like living in a hotel, it is. Also, there is a balcony, but the “door” to it is a bit more like a giant window as there is a lip that is about a foot tall to step over. Somehow, that really makes me feel risky walking out there.

Nonetheless, I am still on the look-out for another place to live. Here is paid for the month, however for about the same price I can get an unfurnished place with considerably nicer surroundings. And internet. Grr.

Since moving up here there have only been a couple complications. There was a scare early on because my refrigerator was on the fritz, but the landlady nicely resolved that. The next big problem, was my mobile phone. It works fine, using the Fido network, however, all calls cost $0.49 a minute, due to roaming. My phone bill is going to be significant. Chelsea, that wonderful girl at work who seems to fix all of my problems (she called the landlady about the fridge, too), fixed me up with an old handset and some prepaid minutes until I can get things sorted out. I’ve got about $50 to go through, but it is $0.20/min in Canada and $0.50/min to the U.S., so I still haven’t really got too much time to work with. My apologies for the short conversations that are going to be coming of that, I can’t wait for some crazy-cool VoIP solutions to spring up, I want to be a world traveler.

The world traveler thing, while I wanted to before, has been greatly incensed by talking to Ben. He has a crazy plan to pull off 7-8 summers in a row by alternating between hemispheres every 6ish months for the next few years. In talking to him about that, I have been slowly formulating ideas about more merging of the digital and the physical.

I imagine a scenario in which I can buy and sell my possessions on eBay, have mail electronically forwarded around the world (there is a service in New Zealand that will have machines scan your mail and email it to you) or just having a good forwarding service that is easily changeable and schedulable. I want to buy a bike a week before I move, and have it delivered to the place I am moving to, and sell it again in a few months when I am headed somewhere else, same with cars or anything else that is too big to drag around. My server will store my life in CVS (or SVN). Friends in many places, and experiences the world over. I like the idea of being mobile, and I like the idea of traveling while I am young. More on this later, I hope. I feel so international.

P.S. Am I the only one who wants a tabbed interface for my file browsing? On a *nix console I can switch virtual terminals, and in Firefox I can hit CTRL-T to open a new tab to play with. Why can?t I do the same thing with Explorer or Finder? Well, maybe I can with Finder, but I certainly don?t remember anybody ever doing it while I was watching. I guess I can check soon, I?m getting a Powerbook 🙂 Oo, and an iPod Mini (Green)

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