During the past few weeks I have been consuming horrible amounts of coffee and booze, last week especially during my trip up to Vancouver to give a nice hurrah to my apartment, and it is time to get all that stuff out of my system for a while.

As it is, my body is quite sensitive to what I eat, I have a strangely fast metabolism and if I don’t feed it enough good stuff it really seems to screw with my head, usual symptoms being depression and loneliness. The coffee and booze are certainly major contributors, so off they go until I build up enough of a reserve to thrash the hell out of it again.

Some empirical observations:

  • Over the past three weeks, the average time that I’ve made it to bed by has been between 3am and 5am, the average time I’ve woken up by has been 10am.
  • The last caffeinated or alcoholic drink I had was a beer in Vancouver around 6pm on Sunday, an hour after which I was feeling lonely and called Alyson, whom I talked to for an hour or two while waiting for my delayed flight.
  • I woke up Monday at 8:30am, had pancakes for breakfast, some mexican food for lunch, a dessert crepe for dinner and got to bed just before 11pm, mildly lonely again so I called Anwen and spoke to her for an hour or so.
  • Woke up around 8:15 this morning, hustled to a train and grabbed an egg, ham and cheese wrap at Subway. Lunch is expected to be something tasty with my aunt Suzy, who apparently lives in the same city as the office I am in this week (Menlo Park).


  • Eat more.
  • Sleep more.

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