Today brings me to the ever wonderful Brouwerij ‘t IJ for a Struis and a little reading. Coincidentally enough, the book I just started, “Accelerando,” mentions Brouwerik ‘t IJ in the first pages, although it has featured De Wildemann more prominently so far.

Taking that coincidence a bit further I could draw some more parallels. In Accelerando the first character you meet is Manfred, he’s sort of the model person for my demographic living his life symbiotically with this online identity. The term meatspace is referred to often and not un-derisively.

Anyway, in between paragraphs — you feel like you are writing so much more when constrained to the small width of these moleskine pages, which is good because I’m a bit verbose as it is — I check my phone, or in between thoughts, or just because I was thinking about it, My phone is currently sending and receiving data to Jaiku and my last post invited people to where I am and I am interested in seeing if anybody has responded. In the past 10 minutes nobody has so I was considering the methods by which I might get some of teh less-interested-in-internet-symbiosis type friends of mine into the fold.

It’s just so old-fashioned talking to one person at a time, feels like a waste of bandwidth.

Update Some friends were nearby on a boat, I hopped on and joined them, ended up on the other side of town, will have to fetch my bike tomorrow.

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