Mornings with the Chromebook (Google Cr-48)

A couple days ago I received a great surprise in the mail, Google’s prototype Chrome netbook. Lots of people have already written a bunch about it elsewhere, so I’ll just cover the things that were important to me.

It fits perfectly into my daily flow as the device for all the stuff that isn’t being “at work” or gaming. I usually work from home so the distinction between work and not-work tends to be whether I am sitting at my desk, so many of the other tasks or activities tend to take place on random surfaces and largely while lounging on a couch.

In the past I’ve owned a Macbook Air that fit the same niche for not work or play, but the “cbook” has a couple benefits that are simply based on having a rounded rubberized surface: there are no hard metal edges to dig into my hands or stomach (if lounging on a couch).

It is certainly lower powered than my other laptop, the top of the line 15inch Macbook, I don’t intend to use it for coding in any way as I have quite a dedicated coding environment on my other systems, but it browses the web with ease letting me watch videos, update bugs, review changes, and ssh into my server for IRC and the like (though I’d love a more powerful terminal).

There are a ton of bugs and they are well-discussed but if I know anything about the extremely excellent Chrome team it is that they are amazingly productive, and since all the things I have had issues with are already tracked in the issue tracker and assigned for fixing I am confident that the changes will be rapid and thorough.

Chrome team: Great work guys, and thanks for giving me a chance to try it out.

p.s. The free 100mb wireless account is a really nice bonus, too.

2 thoughts on “Mornings with the Chromebook (Google Cr-48)

  1. From a ‘does it have a future perspective’ how does the device relate to for instance an iPad, which has a similar ‘casual computing’ experience?

  2. mies: very similar except that this has a keyboard so for the majority of my actual usage of the internet this is a bit nicer, but there is a philosophical difference also since this is a “netbook” there isn’t a lot of stuff to do while offline while ipad definitely gives you a variety of things to do while offline so if you are not online there isn’t much of a comparison.

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