Today I start the next step in my journey towards keeping my time booked well beyond 200% of capacity, I have decided to stay in San Francisco full-time and join the brilliant team at RoundTwo. Believe me, it is taking all the willpower in my body to resist making horrible boxing puns. I love puns. […]


A very important friend recently told me that I move at an intimidating pace. Since hearing that, I’ve been trying to put my actions into the perspective of time. I’ve always been afraid of stagnation, of getting comfortable where I am and stopping forward progress, a trait that I expect spawns from growing up in […]

Super Sekret Project

[Updated at 12:30pm, June 21] My blog is back to the original comment system for the time-being, possibly changing again once the service goes live, thank you all for your helpful comments. Pssssst. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m testing out a little bit of a new commenting service on my blog (and on devdev as […]

Vancouver and San Francisco

How crazy would somebody be to try to live in both, at the same time? I found out on Tuesday that the paperwork concerning my work permit in Canada had finally gone through, meaning that I have only to present the proper application along with the new approval at the border in order to be […]

Paintball à la Sxip

Perhaps I should start at the end, Dick has 18 welts. Yeah, I got to shoot my boss. It was a friday like any other, I arrived at work at 1:30pm to find myself in a company meeting, ate some Sicilian meatloaf, then hopped into cars with the rest of the Sxip employees and drove […]