Who Put All The Frosting On The Ground?

Wait, that’s not frosting, that’s… ice? It’s official folks, I’m not in California anymore. All the perennial sludge puddles on the way to work today were frozen over, making interesting little white traces through the brickwork. It apparently snowed on New Year’s Day around 2AM, although I was sleeping soundly by that time — I […]

San Jose For A Bit

Off to visit the family and friends back in San Jose for Christmas and the related events. I shall return on the 29th of December.

The Granville Street Bridge

Twice, now, I have walked across the Granville Street Bridge here in Vancouver. The first out of necessity, this second out of desire. My first journey across the bridge was during the first month I was in Vancouver, after a concert that I went to with Ben. Due to some unfortunate mix-ups, misunderstandings and miscommunications, […]

SXSW 2005

Since I’ve been notified that my dear friend Jonas Luster will be taking part in a couple panels at this year’s South by Southwest Conference, I am attempting to solidify my plans regarding such a trip. Interactive is March 11-15, Film is 11-19, and Music is 16-20. I am pretty much locked in for attendance […]

Web 2.0

On October 5th through 7th I will be in San Francisco for Web 2.0. Looks to be an interesting event, but more business than tech. Kevin Marks mentioned the fact that there are tons of wifi hotspots around the area of the conference, and the hotel is right in the heart of downtown San Francisco, […]

Adventure: Pebble Creek Hot Springs

For a much needed break, this weekend (Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon) I went camping. Actually, it was more like watching every single item I had with me get really wet for a long time and freezing all through the night. But yeah, camping. I obviously wasn’t prepared for this journey to Pebble Creek Hot […]

When You’re A Stranger

Insecurity is a sneaky animal with sharp claws that is always ready to pounce. I went to the beach tonight to watch fireworks. The couple of friends that I had planned on going with were running late and the size of the crowd (apparently numbering in the hundreds of thousands) prevented the use of mobile […]

Happy 4th of July, America

It’s the first 4th of July that I won’t be watching fireworks in 6 six years. I’m a little bummed about that, but I was always one to break tradition for the sake of not being tied down by it. It has been an awesome experience here in Vancouver, BC, so far. There are people […]