America the Beautiful

Earlier today I asked a question on twitter, I wanted to know if there existed a mashup of something like Kayak’s lovely “Explore” interface and a listing of the random small-town events across the U.S. that I might want to go to. The idea being to get away for a weekend and see something unusual, […]

You Finally Made A Monkey Out Of Me

I just got back from my first Burning Man. Oh. Em. Eff. Gee. So amazing. I am such a fucking hippie now. I hugged so many people, I cried so many times. I danced, and napped, and gave gifts, and accepted gifts and the whole time everyone was so welcoming. When you arrive, people at […]

Vancouver and San Francisco

How crazy would somebody be to try to live in both, at the same time? I found out on Tuesday that the paperwork concerning my work permit in Canada had finally gone through, meaning that I have only to present the proper application along with the new approval at the border in order to be […]

This Old House

It’s not exactly what you’d call a “precise” house, or a “modern” house, or a house that “anticipated electricity when it was built,” but it certainly has some kind of charm. My new place is a crooked place, a house where the floors don’t always get along with the walls, where the tops of door […]

Leaving Vancouver

On the last couple days of June in 2004, I was hired by Sxip and moved to Vancouver, BC. The resulting times were a whirlwind of work, networking and parties, quickly leading me to find many good friends and wonderful places. A complete change of lifestyle and responsibility, but a welcome one. On March 11th, […]

Cool Labs Stuff from Etech

I’m at Etech and they are about to start the “From The Labs” section. They’ve always got tons of cool stuff to show for these things, although it will be tough to beat Applied Mind’s dynamic 3D topographical map. Microsoft is talking about storing all data from somebody’s senses, as it should only really take […]

Looking For A Place In The Bay Area

Due to some unusual circumstances (more on those later) I have to move back to California rather suddenly, so I thought I should get a quick blog post up to help get the ball rolling on finding a cool place to live for a few months. I am looking for a room in the San […]

Dealing With The Bruises

Far too much with the complications, I say, back with ye foul beast. Balancing plans, cash, work, people, future and introspection is being quite a tricky task. I’m thinking of going to Belgium with Boris and the Bryght crew, I’d leave the 22nd of February and return the 1st of March. Plane tickets cost around […]

The Frustration That Is Airline Interaction

How I hate thee, United dot com, for charging me for something and never sending me a receipt. And thee, Alaska dot com, for sending me paper tickets rather than those of an electronic nature. In December, I attempted to purchase a ticket for a friend on, and once I got to the confirm […]

It’s Snowing!

Aaah! This is amazing. I am so excited right now I just had to share my joy with everybody. I even sent text messages to everybody in my phone book who had a mobile phone. You see, and this is actually vaguely related to the 43 Things talk, one of my goals in life, having […]