A Social Networking Success Story: Chapter 2, My Dream

[The title of this may lead you to look for a previous chapter, but you would not find one, as it hasn’t been written yet. Someday, perhaps, I will properly begin this story, once I am a better writer and can do the beginning justice.] I’ve never been able to draw well, or paint, when […]

A Concert Experiment

My beautiful friends over at the Canadian Postal Service brought my three envelopes today, each containing two concert tickets. Oh, but I know what you are thinking, “Andy, you are but one man, for what purpose could you be purchasing two tickets to spectacular musical events?” Well, I’ll tell you. I’m going to go on […]

Lobby Crashing Web 2.0

This is exactly what I was talking about earlier, but now there’s the weight of a power blogger behind it, Sean Bonner‘s “Lobby Crashing Web 2.0“ Since I’ve been such a big proponent of LobbyCon’s and I didn’t pay to get into this event, I thought I’d put my money where my mouth was and […]

Web 2.0

On October 5th through 7th I will be in San Francisco for Web 2.0. Looks to be an interesting event, but more business than tech. Kevin Marks mentioned the fact that there are tons of wifi hotspots around the area of the conference, and the hotel is right in the heart of downtown San Francisco, […]

Paintball à la Sxip

Perhaps I should start at the end, Dick has 18 welts. Yeah, I got to shoot my boss. It was a friday like any other, I arrived at work at 1:30pm to find myself in a company meeting, ate some Sicilian meatloaf, then hopped into cars with the rest of the Sxip employees and drove […]


G’day scallywags, t’day th’r be pirates. Arr har har har, wh’r be m’ rum!?

Multiply and The Social Network Conundrum

I like social networking sites (definition of social networking aside), and I even consider myself a social networking success story, but there is still something very lacking about the currently implemented concepts. Multiply is the new one, I guess, although I haven’t been paying too much attention lately, and it has some nice features that […]


Seattle, to me, has a level of style that simply outshines northern California (the only two places in northern California in the running for style being San Francisco and Santa Cruz). A large part of my experience with the youth here revolves around my cousin, a guitarist gaining quite a bit of notice around here, […]


I’m jetting off to Seattle until the 23rd, I’ll likely get a chance to go online while I am there, but if you need to get in touch with me, the best way will be to shoot me an email, contact info.