Urban Coffee Shop, An Observation

It is 10pm, and I am sitting now in front of a man who reminds me perfectly of a cartoon I saw online that stars a very gothic grumpy man and a little floating pink balloon Update Found the link! http://www.strindbergandhelium.com . For the past hours he has been sitting alone in the darkest corner […]

A Pro-Smoking Site?

Whoa, what the hell is up with http://exhale.ca? While walking around Vancouver tonight, I was continuously being offered packages of gum. On the side of the packages was “exhale.ca,” leading me to go to the site upon getting home. It’s a flash site, but it certainly appears to be pro-smoking. How do these kinds of […]

Digital Identity: Unified Systems and Open Protocols

Yesterday was the day of the PHPWest Conference here in Vancouver. Since I helped a bit with the organization of the whole affair, and Sxip sponsored a dinner for the speakers and organizers, I got to spend some quality time talking tech with some extremely bright people. During the course of the conversations SXIP and […]

Bloggers Without Borders

Anybody who hasn’t yet gotten the buzz about Bloggers Without Borders better jump in and drink the Kool-Aid. When I first heard about it, I assumed it was either another generic charity or another generic blogger group, but I never took the time to actually go to the site and see what was happening. Then, […]

Foolish Lies

Tonight I am reminded of a fable from my youth (and a couple movies, if I recall correctly) which I will briefly recount for you inaccurately. There once was a fox and scorpion trying to cross a river. The scorpion asked the fox to carry it across, and the fox refused out of fear of […]

Your Favorite Band

The Red Elvises are playing this Sunday in Vancouver. I will be in attendance, and I think all of Vancouver should be in attendance as well. Of course, this means space will sell out fast. Who are the Red Elvises? Well, they are… eclectic. Half-way humorous, half-way bad-ass, and they throw an excellent show. So […]

(Un)Social Anxiety

Moving to Vancouver has been quite an adventure, not only have I been thrust a thousand miles away from almost everybody I’ve known, but my occupational responsibility has increased substantially and with it my ability to engage in social activities without worrying much about the monetary consequences. And engage I have, so much so that […]

SXSW 2005

Since I’ve been notified that my dear friend Jonas Luster will be taking part in a couple panels at this year’s South by Southwest Conference, I am attempting to solidify my plans regarding such a trip. Interactive is March 11-15, Film is 11-19, and Music is 16-20. I am pretty much locked in for attendance […]

Mein Wallop

So, back at Web 2.0, I was one of the people who got a Wallop invite after the presentation from Microsoft Research. The first night it was horribly buggy for non-Windows computers, but I guess we all complained enough that they got on that, so it works fine in Safari now. They’ve got a few […]


Boris Mann suckered me into joining LinkedIn, I suspect because he wanted my shining name gracing his connections list (hah!). Anyway, I’m on there now and will be proceeding to add the folk I already know, if you are on there and know me, ping me and we’ll get connected. Silly, silly LinkedIn. Correction: I […]