Where I Am Never The Target

Perhaps my apathy towards the elections comes from feeling like I am never targeted by any of the propaganda. By other people, sure, but I always have the feeling that neither candidate even knows me or my kind exist. I’m certain that in many ways I am just a kid, and that my resentment of […]

The New System

This probably steps on some political toes, but I like Arnold as the Governor of California. I really do, and, while my strongest reasons for liking him as a governor instead of just for radical effect are based purely on my own gut instinct, I think he is doing a good job. I’m sitting in […]

Fuzzy Parallels

I don’t much like to talk about the Iraq situation as I don’t have access to enough information to even begin to form opinions on the matter. … but that won’t stop me from making wildly unbased, wholly inappropiate associations. I do it all the time with music, when I think some song reminds me […]