How To Get Banned From PyCon

PyCon was great for me this year. Before the conference, I had made a pact with myself to go to more talks, be less jaded, and to talk to more new programmers. All those were things I had trouble with last year and this year was so much more inspiring for me because I changed […]

You Say The Damndest Things Right When You Wake Up

Tantek says I need press coaching, I think I need sleep. Got interviewed by Daniel Terdiman for CNET a couple days ago and managed to drop a couple answers that might need a little clarifying. In any case, Smith said he has no problem with Foo Camp’s exclusivity. This is true, I don’t think FOO […]

A Truly Scary Situation

In #joiito today, ioerror linked to a news article about the eviction of the settlers in the Gaza Strip and it really stood out to me as one of the scariest possible situations to be in. The shining quote: “Normally we would storm a house killing everyone inside, whereas here we have to storm the […]

We Are The Title

Starting a long post with a long quote, bad form Andy, bad form. It’s one of those “Andy’s been thinking again” posts anyway, so you’ve been warned. It’s a great quote though. In those day’s, Pilade’s was a free port, a galactic tavern where alien invaders from the Ophiulco could rub elbows peaceably with the […]

A Boxing Analogy Gone Too Far

I woke up this morning to a criticism by Kottke and a fortress of a response over in Mena’s Corner that conjure up a boxing analogy similar to when Rocky, half beaten to death, takes out The Russian Boxer for the climactic finish of Rocky IV. Except that in this story, instead of pummeling the […]

My Favorite Band Is Cooler Than Yours

** Updated 2005-04-27 ** This so thoroughly proves my point: Music Blog Started catching up on my NetNewsWire subscriptions today (only 5300 posts to go!) and came across something in Signal vs Noise that Chris had mentioned to me a couple nights ago, now that I have the full quote I feel ready to make […]


“Possible finger in fast food.” “Barry Bonds steroid scandal.” “Barry Bonds walking away.” “Terry Schiavo.” I haven’t watched television and quite a while, but my father is watching the channel 11 news right now, NBC I think. How low have we sunken? They have a shot of Barry Bonds sitting solemnly saying, “You wanted to […]

Support Darren’s 30-Hour Famine

From Darren Barefoot: I’m doing the 30-Hour Famine. The 30-Hour Famine is a program run by World Vision Canada, an NGO that fights hunger in the developing world. For 30 hours on April 1st and 2nd, I won’t eat, as a kind of symbolic gesture of support for the 800 million malnourished and starving people […]

Happy International Women’s Day

You go girls. There’s really something to be said for women, they really operate in a completely foreign world. They endlessly torment us with their unbelievable appeal mixed with immense unattainability, yet in the end all decent men will crawl after every scrap of love their particular Venus lets fall to the ground and never […]

A Majority

Yadda yadda, Bush won, boohoo, I wouldn’t be happy if Kerry won with those numbers. As always, I am more disappointed in the system than the outcome, after all, outcomes change (sort of) but it looks like we’ll be stuck in this system for a long time. And to what am I referring? A simple […]