links for 2005-01-04

Code and Personality A beautiful write up from Kevin Marks and Maf Vosburgh detailing the personality types associated with certain types of code (categories: programming) Automatically Organizing Bookmarks per Contents A neat write up on the available methods for bookmark organization (categories: ia classification) Vintage Knitting Patterns It’s all about the “Cocktail Blouse.” (categories: knitting […]

links for 2004-10-27

Breaking out of a chroot() padded cell I bet Tim would still crush this with his mad SA skills (categories: chroot linux security unix) Running Apple’s Backup Without a .Mac Account more in my minor pursuit to replace .Mac with my own server, big ups to David (categories: .mac mac osx sync) Lexicon: an RPG […]

links for 2004-10-08

Google SMS oo sms-based searching. i love my phone, i love google, i love life. Someday I’ll be able to say, just sms “andy” to google for my url (categories: google search sms) The Web 2.0 Photo Pool at Flickr, lots of shots from the conference (categories: conference flickr photo web2.0) Google Print i have […]

links for 2004-10-06

POD-SIX – If you’re looking for me, you better check under the sea… … in the Seeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa Laaaaaaaaaaab. Okay, this site seems pretty useless, but I had to link for the sake of the title (categories: cartoons humor)

links for 2004-10-04

a feed aggregator in 40 lines of code from Jonas Galvez, a nice miminalistic example of an aggregator (categories: programming python syndication) Top 10 Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About the Debates at NPR, title says it all (categories: debate politics) Python Parsing Tools a cheatsheet of python-based parsing tools (categories: programming python) […]

links for 2004-10-03

morgueFile a photo reference archive, essentially a library of photos of specific types of things to be used as a reference tool for those objects (categories: archive photo reference)

links for 2004-10-01

The Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes what a clever idea, organized based on country (categories: girls pictures) What’s Wrong With Use Cases? i think that most users don’t even know what they want (categories: business programming) Common REST Mistakes i have a habit of designing interfaces (categories: programming rest webdev) Omniglot a guide to abjads, […]